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Racing Fun at Your Fingertips - POWERED BY YOU!



Ready, set, rip! Introducing Spin ‘n Rip: a revolutionary new kind of toy car that will kick playtime into high gear. All the speed you need is at your fingertips – just spin the wheel at the back of your Spin ‘n Rip Racer, and watch it zoom! Spin ‘n Rip technology encourages hands-on play, inspires creative thinking, and keeps kids coming back for race after race. Whether it’s flashy toy vehicles or jaw-dropping playsets, Spin ‘n Rip has everything you need for hours of epic play! It’s racing fun at your fingertips – powered by you!


Cars & Tracks

Digital Timer Drag Racing Set


Double Loop Drag Racing Set


Loop and Bridge Jump Mega Track Set


Spin ‘N Rip Race Pack


Spin ‘N Rip Racers


Frequently asked questions

What are Spin ‘N Rip Racers?

Spin ‘N Rip Racers are a new type of toy car with never-before-seen speed technology. Just push down on the wheel at the back of the car, and watch it shoot forward. Unlike other toy cars, which rely on motors and other gadgets to go fast, Spin ‘N Rip Racers are completely powered by you!

Who can play with Spin ‘N Rip Racers?

Spin ‘N Rip Racers are perfect for kids over the age of five. They encourage hands-on play and provide a great learning challenge.

Are parts from different Spin ‘N Rip race track sets compatible?

Yes! All of the parts in Spin ‘N Rip race track sets are compatible. Mix and match pieces from different sets to build your own epic race tracks.

How many Spin ‘N Rip Racer Products are available?

There are currently five Spin’ N Rip Racer products, including cars and race track sets. Stay tuned, though, because we have plenty more in store for the future!

Can Spin ‘N Rip Racers run on other track sets?

Yes, you can use your Spin ‘N Rip Racers with other track sets given that the cars fit on the tracks. 

Can other existing toy cars run on Spin 'n Rip Racer track sets?    

Yes, you can use other toy cars with your Spin ‘N Rip Racer track sets given that the cars fit on the tracks. 


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